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Brodie here and I just want to say congratulations on the prospects of you learning an instrument and taking your musical skills seriously. I am a big believer that one can always improve your natural talents and if you don't have any, you haven't invested enough time finding them. I am happy to start offering guitar, voice, and recording arts classes. Here is where you can learn more and sign up!

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Storytellers (acapella) Concert - Finding Home

 —  —

Cap Hill Courtyard by Capitol, 1410 N Grant St, Denver, CO 80203-1847

It’s about the people. Families torn apart. Friends gained. Lovers lost. Partners found.

It’s about the memories. The songs that take us back. The ones that make our tongues forget the bitter taste of cynicism. Can you remember the sweetness of...hope?

Tonight, bring your drama and your mamas. Bring your lovers and your loved ones. This night is about something bigger than all of us. It’s a tale as old as time. The retelling of a journey you’ll recognize. Full of clichés and you’ll love us all the more for it.

Be ready to listen, sing, shake, cry, laugh and groove to a story about...Finding Home.

Apps and drinks provided. Tickets available for purchase at the link provided or at the door!

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