DAM - Untitled: My Country My Country

Denver Art Museum, 100 W 14th Ave Pkwy, Denver

Untitled will be happening in the Denver Art Museum all day and the performance is around 8pm. Come earlier and see some amazing artist perform with amazing art around them!

Brodie helped co-write the music for the new musical "My Country, My Country" and is acting in this beautiful new, unproduced, multi-genre musical that centers around the nexus point of Congolese independence, following two principal characters: •Patrice Lumumba of Congo: the amazingly complex, first freely elected prime minister who was assassinated 6 months after being elected during Congolese independence from Belgium (an assassination led by the West); •King Baudouin of Belgium: "Le Roi Triste." the deeply principled, self-effacing king at age 20 who wanted nothing more than to not be king and make peace in Congo by earning the love of the people. of Congo and King Baudouin of Belgium. Both men walked parallel paths of principle to create a better future for Congo and Africa...and both were their own undoing. Come get a sneak peak into what manner scholars call the most important assassination of the 20th Century