Brodie Kinder at the Laughing Goat

The Laughing Goat, 1709 Pearl st., Boulder, CO 80302

Brodie will be playing a live set of originals from 8-9pm followed by Avon dale

Brodie Kinder is a honest troubadour and multi-genre singer/songwriter. His original music aims to connect and invigorate the human spirit and unite a room full of strangers. As a well-traveled artist, Brodie brings an international flavor to the table with roots in Hawaii, Canada, Europe, and East Asia, East Coast USA and now Colorado. Up with People, a musical peace corps of sorts, runs deep in his blood and has given him a heart for service. He has opened for nationally touring acts such as Ayla Nereo and Gabrielle Louise.

Avon Dale is a Memphis-based, rootsy rock band with a touch of soul. A four piece band featuring a dynamic rhythm section, dual guitar work, and soulful vocals, that range from tender and plaintive, to gritty and beseeching. A powerful live act, Avon Dale meshes concise rock ballads with lengthy improvisational jams. With a raw energetic presence, the band is quickly gaining followers in rock and jam band circles alike and becoming a Memphis must see act.